Guidance to explore your life and emotions and to recognise and heal any problem areas. We have several different counsellors specialising in many different techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & EMDR.

We also have specialist counselling & therapy by men, for men.

Fiona Kennard  NHC DipNAdv

Hippocrates (460-377BC), ‘Father of Medicine’, said; “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”.

This is at least as true today as it was in ancient Greece.  Sound nutrition can be the basis to support and improve the health of all body systems, and may help restore balance to alleviate many common problems.  These can be as diverse as support for the respiratory system, restoration of sustained energy, issues surrounding the digestive system, weight loss or gain, as well as hormonal concerns and cardiovascular health.

This doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve and sometimes only very small changes to the diet can make significant improvements.  But with conflicting news in the media, how do you tell what is REALLY true? Allow me to guide you with some common sense, individually tailored suggestions that may make a difference to you and your family.

Swedish Massage,  Aromatherapy, Sports Injury

Life is about maintaining a balance.  Everyone is unique and has different needs.  You may be looking to simply de-stress and relax, or have specific treatment requirements.  It’s our aim to identify your needs and together we can decide the most effective massage treatment for you.  Work stress, aching muscles & joints, deep tissue, or just need to unwind.  Rosie Atkins looks after our Swedish Massage & Aromatherapy