Medical and Health

General medical services

Our Doctors and Nurses all work regularly within the NHS and are available evenings and weekends to give you the opportunity to access premium medical services at your convenience.
Medicals: Insurance, HGV, Taxi, Immigration.

Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’S) are on the increase in the UK, especially in the over 50’s age group and the under 25’s. Most infections show no symptoms in the early stages. Our STI screening and treatment service is discreet and confidential with most results available in 24 hours (instant HIV testing available).  If you cant make it to the clinic or would prefer to test in your home you can use our online postal servcice.  Or call us and we'll post a kit to you overnight. Results take arounr 2-3 days


Female Sexual health & smears

Currently the national cervical cancer screening service does not include smears for women under 25. Maidstone Health screening does and they are carried out by our female GP’s or Nurses. Results are usually available within 2 days with referrals for further treatment.

Travel Health

Many diseases that no longer pose a risk in the UK remain a threat in other parts of the world. Travellers may need to t be vaccinated against, typhoid, hepatitis, diphtheria, polio. Many countries also have mandatory vaccinations. We also stock anti-malarial tablets.

Wellman, Well woman clinics

As you reach middle age its important to take an annual health check to make sure your doing ok. An annual check will also give an early indication of any medical problems that may be developing.

Child Health

Single MMR vaccinations (Measles & Rubella only at present) , Chicken pox vaccinations, nutrition & general health.


General Testing

Maidstone Health offers general testing and screening for over 1200 conditions including,, allergies, diabetes, immunity, hormone , DNA, Nutritional, cholesterol & cancer checks including, bowel, prostate, pancreas, lung, PSA, thyroid, breast, liver.


In our physiotherapy clinic the assessment and treatment is carried out by highly qualified chartered physiotherapist and we treat various conditions like:

  • Spinal Problems like spondylosis, disc prolapsed causing neck pain, back pain and even sciatica
  • Traumatic injuries like ligament sprains, muscle strains and whiplash
  • Postural problems caused by hours of poor posture due to prolong computer or desk work which mechanical back or neck pain. If not corrected can lead to more serious problem of neck and back
  • Overuse injuries like Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Various degrees of sports injuries

Our treatment comprises of Manual therapy (Joint mobilisation, Neural mobilisation, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy), Exercise therapy (Specific exercise prescription tailored to individual clients need, Correction of muscle imbalance, graded exercise programme and core stability work), Ergonomic advice (postural assessment, seating posture, home or office adaptation) and Education (Nature of problem, ergonomic advice, tailored exercise programme and preventive measures).

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